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Most Popular Winter Flowers

Think there aren’t any flowers that bloom during the winter?  Well, while it’s true that most flowers don’t, there are some that actually thrive during the colder months.  These flowers may not be the most well-known, but they add a nice splash of color to what might otherwise be a bland landscape.

Are you looking for flowers for your winter wedding?  You may want to go with brightly colored flowers, which may be expensive since most of those flowers will be out of season.  However, there are some good options.  How about the Christmas rose, also called the helleborus.  It’s used for decoration a lot during winter, especially around the holidays.  It comes in many different colors, including green, yellow, dark red, and pink.  One variety, the Blackthorn Strain, actually has bright red stems.  Another, the Wester Flisk, has some red on its leaves.

For a wedding near Christmas, poinsettias are a great choice.  They’re easily available, have a good, strong color, and are a little different.  You could even carry a bouquet of poinsettias down the aisle.  Of course, there are some white flowers that look very nice and elegant, too, like orchids, tulips, winter jasmine, and white amaryllis.

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