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Valentine’s Day isn’t Just for Flowers

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If you’re not ready for Valentine’s Day, there’s no time like the present to start making your plans.
Dinner reservations and tickets to romantic events on the 14th of February should be done weeks beforehand!   If you think all you need to do is walk in to a florist and grab a bouquet of roses after work on Valentine’s Day, you’re wrong—in fact, you’ll probably find that every florist in town has sold out of red roses by that time!  So please order early so you get a good choice and lock in your delivery date.

Valentine’s Day is often associated with giving flowers, but that’s not all that you need to worry about.  Planning the day or the entire weekend depends on your relationship and your favorite things to do.  And keep romance in mind. Romance is all about the details, being thoughtful and sweet and savoring all that is good in your relationship together.

Valentine’s Day does not always have to be dinner and show and an evening out.  Sometimes it can be a nature walk, a picnic in the park,  a leisurely afternoon at the art museum or Netflix and popcorn.  What makes it romantic is the thought you put into it.  The level of planning and anticipating all the little joys you are trying to give your sweetheart on the most romantic day of the year!

And we’re ready to help you get the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers for your date.   We’ll deliver the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers in  Asheboro, NC, on Valentine’s Day or even during the week!