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April Flowers

Looking for some gorgeous April flowers?  Now that spring is in full swing, you’ll see a lot of these amazing April flowers in bloom!

The tulip is one of the first flowers to start blooming in many areas.  It’s gorgeous, a symbol of spring, and comes in so many colors!

While the marigold blooms in April, many people think of it as a weed.  But the marsh marigold looks very different—it has a yellow center and white flowers, and it’s definitely a pretty, cheerful spring flower.

The cowslip has a funny name, but these cute little red flowers look great in a country garden.

The pansies are a great annual that bloom in April and don’t require replanting every year!

Hyacinths look great and smell every better.  They bloom in several colors and are great to put along your garden path to make it smell sweet.

Finally, there’s the arabis procurrens, a small white flower that has little, light green leaves on it.  It’s different and fun.

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