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Parents’ Day

Are you ready to celebrate Parents’ Day?  Parents’ Day is a relatively new observance.  It was created in 1994 by a resolution passed through Congress and signed by President Clinton.  It declared that the fourth Sunday of each July would be set aside to honor parents and their dedication to their family.  It’s a day celebrated by parents, grandparents, and even close family friends who have acted like a second mother or father to a child.  Anyone and everyone who has raised or helped raise a child should be acknowledged.  It’s also a day for these people to rededicate themselves to their family and their children.

Communities around the country celebrate Parents’ Day.  Since it falls on a Sunday, many churches, mosques, and other religious groups spend part of their services recognizing parents.  Some businesses and communities hold a “Parents of the Year” contest to recognize those who have gone out of their way to be great parents.  The National Parents’ Day Council even recognizes outstanding parents on the state and national level.

So what do you do on Parents’ Day?  It’s a day of gathering your family together and simply celebrating being a family.  You can have a cook out, go out to dinner, play games, go to the park, go to the zoo, go swimming…just about anything you can do as a family is an appropriate activity.  If you just want to sit at home and talk, that’s fine, too.

What will you do on Parents’ Day?  How about honoring your parents with some flowers?  We’re delivering our lovely bouquets of Parents’ Day flowers in St. Asheboro, NC.