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Bringing Back the Magic of the Holidays

The holiday season is here once again!  Everywhere you go, there are lights, people bustling here and there buying gifts, and Christmas music in the air.  Sometimes, the holiday season seems to be magical.  However, there are times when it seems like that magic is missing.  If that’s how your 2011 holiday season is starting out, here are a few ways you can help bring back the magic of the holidays.

Continue or revive a family tradition.  Traditions connect us to the past and give us a sense of continuity.  Participating in a family tradition can stir up memories from the past and may help us feel connected to those family members you’ve lost.  Sharing one of these traditions with your own children or new spouse can be a great way of bringing someone into your family.  If you don’t have any family traditions, start one!  Create a special dish to serve, buy or make special ornaments for each family member, or begin attending a holiday event together.

Go see Christmas light displays.  Some places set up huge displays you can drive or walk through.  If there’s no place like that nearby, go driving around the neighborhood looking at displays.  Some business districts put up a lot of lights, and some city parks are all decked out for the holidays.  If you’re up for it, you can even set up your own light display.

Bake holiday desserts.  It might sound like a lot of work, especially if you don’t like baking, but the delicious smell of freshly baked cookies, pies, and other treats can actually put you in the holiday mood.  Plus, you get the bonus of eating these tasty desserts later!  If you have kids, you can make it a fun family activity.  Let them decorate their own gingerbread men, cupcakes, and cookies.

These are just three easy ways to bring back the magic of the holidays.  There are plenty more!  How will you capture that holiday magic this year?

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