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Administrative Professional Humor + $10 Off

Administrative Professional’s Day is April 25.  It’s the one day out of the year that employers take the time to show their administrative professionals just how much the appreciate everything they do for the office.  There are many different ways to show this appreciation: take them out to lunch, give them the day off, or give them small gifts like candy, flowers, or even a nice bonus.

There are some great quotes by administrative assistants and professionals that are perfect for Admin Professionals Day, but there are some that are certainly not!  Here are some that might be appropriate to write in cards you give your administrative professionals and some you should certainly not!

Great quote:  “Always be nice to secretaries. They are the real gatekeepers in the world.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Never quote Lyndon B. Johnson’s line of “When things haven’t gone well for you, call in a secretary or a staff man and chew him out. You will sleep better and they will appreciate the attention.”

If you’re taking you administrative professional out to lunch, you might write this quote by Arthur Bryant before giving him or her the news:  “And so while the great ones depart to their dinner, the secretary stays, growing thinner and thinner, racking his brain to record and report what he thinks that they think that they ought to have thought.”

On the other hand, don’t remind your administrative professional that they have to implement the decisions you make, like John G. Pollard did: “Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody else to do the work.”

Are you ready for Administrative Professionals Day?  If not, we can help with the flowers!  Take $10 off if you order flowers for your administrative professional between now and April 20.  Just use code BL2 at check-out.