Help Your Flowers Survive the Summer Heat

The summer heat certainly takes its toll on flowers.  While the summer is the best time to see many of them bloom, it’s also a time when your outdoor flowers require a little more TLC.  Here are some tips that will help you keep your brilliant flowers alive during the hot months.

•    Keep your flowers watered.  Water in the evening or on overcast days (if there are any!) to avoid wasting water (it will evaporate during the hot afternoon).
•    Deadhead your flowers after they are done blooming.  This can make some flowers bloom even more spectacularly later.
•    Cut back blooming perennials.  Like deadheading, this can make your flowerbeds look better and will encourage new growth in the flowers themselves.
•    Don’t forget to fertilize your flowers.  Fertilizing your plants during the summer will keep them healthy and blooming.
•    Cover your flowers during severe storms.
•    Bring in any potted flowers during major storms.

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