Mother’s Rule Book

With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s that time of year that we think back on everything mom taught us.  One of the ways she prepared us for the real world was by giving us a lot of rules to live by.  Some of them seemed very harsh at the time, but it’s obvious she was just looking out for us.  Here are a few rules that might have seemed crazy, but they were her way of keeping us safe.

•    No snacks before dinner!  Mom knew that we had to eat right to grow and stay healthy.  That’s why she made us eat our vegetables and not snack before meals.

•    Brush your teeth before bed!  Again, this was her way of making sure we would develop healthy habits that would serve us throughout our lives.

•    Don’t stay out past a certain time!  Establishing a bed time helped us set our schedules.  It’s just a fact of life that most of us have to be up and to work, and mom helped us get into that habit by giving us a strict bed time.

•    Do your homework first, then you can play.  While we probably didn’t like it, this did teach us to prioritize and to get our work out of the way before we do other things.

•    Do your chores!  It might have seemed like mom was using us for child labor, but chores are a great way of learning responsibility.  Actions, or lack of action, have consequences, and if we didn’t do our chores, we learned what those consequences were.

These are just a few rules mom had to help keep us safe and healthy.  What was in your mother’s rule book?  Have you adapted any of her rules for your own children?

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